About Me

HI…I’m Jolie!

I am Woman. I am Wife. I am Mama.

I am many things. Mostly I am all about family.

I’m from Australia and live in a beautiful coastal city with my  husband ‘Mr Diamonds’ and our two beautiful children… my son the ‘Fournado’ (he is now 5 but I can’t think of anything quirky to suit) and daughter, baby ‘Juju’.

I started this blog in 2015 as a hobby to keep my brain functioning properly in the adult world while also being a stay at home mother to my gorgeous yet exhausting young children. Being a stay at home mama really is the best job, something I was born to do and a privilege I don’t take for granted. Those kids are my life and soul. But that does not make it any less hectic!

I write about the reality of being a woman, wife and a mother. The good, the bad and the downright ugly. My blog covers topics like children, family, lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, reviews, things I love or things I am lusting over; actually anything I like really.

Want to know more?

I love Range Rovers, tropical holidays, Palazzo Versace, everything gold and Greek key pattern, cooking for my family, my thermomix, and the simple things in life like catching tadpoles in winter with my children, gardening and growing our own organic produce. I’m a little bit hippie and a lot wild at heart, and the apple (s) doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Diamonds and Dudas is my weblog of events as a doting wife, sometimes domestic goddess and always full time mother to my very gorgeous, very active and very spirited young children. Leading a casual lifestyle full of fun, quirk and zest for life our days are never dull, never still, never slow or ever boring in our beautiful home.

My husband and children are my whole world and my greatest achievements to date; ok and maybe my Chanel sunglasses – those babies were almost as painful on my wallet as childbirth was to my vagina!

But let’s be brutally honest….sometimes life in the drivers seat of the ‘soccer mom’ fast lane is not always perfectly peachy or smelling like roses; sometimes it just plain and simple smells like shit with a side note of overpowering cheap toilet spray.

Keeping it real since (giving) birth.

diamonds and dudas

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