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I know what I said but…

July 22, 2017
mother baby

I know what I said but…

Isn’t there something about women and changing their minds? Is that a thing? Well it sure is now, for this crunchy mama.

I know I know… I winged, I cried, I carried on and had everyone feeling sorry for me;


Swore it was the last time. I may have even said I would never EVER do that again. The sickness, the diabetes, the hugeness, the impracticality of having a giant turtle shell strapped to my front while trying to parent and even just adult.

And then the icing on the cake, giving birth. It nearly KILLED me.

I was quick to say (with a few colourful words) in the labour ward THAT’S NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN!

No pain relief is not a good choice ladies.

Well that lasted for about 5 minutes after the baby was born, and then the newborn baby love train smacked me fair in the face (and heart) and I completely forgot (or blocked) it all.

All the nausea, all the vomiting, all the drips, all the pain and feeling yuk and blechhh, all the uncomfortable sleeps or sleepless nights, all the blood tests, all the fingerpicks and diabetes, and all the diabetes bloody diet rules. All of it has gone from my mind and I’m left with the warm fuzzy giddy love bubble of the drug that is the newborn baby.

Valentija. She is a beauty.

I want more.

Like an addict chasing a high, I want more.

More more more more MORE!

I definitely don’t feel done. Far from done actually; I worry I will never feel done. No need to alarm the hubby…

Menopause will have to physically punch me hard in the ovaries and yell IT’S OVER LADY and then maybe I will. I’m sure I’ll cry.

But then theres always grandchildren..


Father’s Day

September 4, 2016
father and daughter,father's day

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day!

For us it’s been a day of fun, love, adventure, free spirits and quality time. Time is what’s truly important in any childs life.

Anyone can be a parent, but it takes a special man to be a great father or ‘Tata’ as we call him. Strong enough to protect and provide for his family yet gentle enough to connect with his children at a softer level and not be afraid to show unconditional love and affection.

With the knowledge that one day he will be the father of your children, picking the perfect life partner is a huge responsibility. I know I chose well and everyday I get to see my little family grow, enriched with love. I am one of the very lucky ones, because my husband is a fantastic father to his children and we celebrate that everyday, not just today.

Kind, considerate, interested, helpful, loving, supportive, funny and generous; these are just some of the fatherly qualities that I love about the man I married. Without him I would not be a mother and for that I am eternally grateful. I just can’t imagine doing this crazy gig without him to be honest!

Fatherhood is journey. Unlike us mothers they do not have the prior 9 months connection with the baby growing so slowly in our belly. For the first few months of our sons life I’m sure he thought he was going to break him! But with time, patience and perseverance I have watched him grow from a rough bachelor with no paternal clue into a thoughtful, gentle and wonderful Tata that would do anything for his beautiful offspring.

When our daughter came along 2 years ago I saw him evolve again. Little girls have a certain effect on their daddies soul that strips them back even more and it is so beautiful to watch. It literally melts my heart.


Watching them all snuggled up reading stories before bedtime, practicing sport out in the yard, taking the dog for a walk together, dancing like dorks with music blaring, teaching them everyday life skills – the list is endless. At the end of the day, family is all that matters so I am so very blessed to have mine.

So a huge ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to my hubby Mr Diamonds, the love of my life and the apple of my children’s eyes; and also to all the other amazing dads out there.



Happy Birthday Son! But really, it’s the day you rocked my whole world!

May 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Son! But really, it’s the day you rocked my whole world!

Today is my sons birthday, and also the birth of me as a mother and adult woman with real purpose in life. It has made me reflect back to when he was first brought into the world and the baby bubble I was so lovingly wrapped up in. The most magical moments of discovering each other, getting to know his little personality, learning together and flourishing as the woman I was destined to be. It was also the start of some big changes and huge appreciation for life and creating a new one in which was the start of our family.

Having a child is a beautiful, empowering experience; especially the excitement of your first born. The unknown, the anticipation, the free time to sleep and ‘nesting’ in the nursery in preparation of the impending delivery. There is so much time spent wondering about how they will look, what the gender will be, what their future holds and who it is exactly that has been hiding in your swollen.

It really is a magical time, one that I reflect on with great pride and I know it was a huge turning point in my life. This little person was responsible for making me a mother, was responsible for making me think beyond just myself and was totally responsible for making me a better person, without a doubt.

The joy that he and all children bring is indescribable. After having my own children I have found the true meaning as to why I am here on this earth.

Motherhood, it fits me like a glove. I love it and my children more than life itself.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the overwhelming flood of emotions you will feel when your tiny little baby is placed on your chest, with or without a dramatic entrance. Having my child reach a special milestone like his 5th birthday today is pretty special, and as a mother it is a time of bittersweet reflection.

The boy I have gained and the baby who is no more. Baby clothes packed away and school decisions being made. Glimpses of a young adult about to bloom, with the whole world at his feet. As mothers we want them to always be close, but as mothers we want them to fly free and achieve great things.

The cord may have been physically cut but it is still very real and alive in my mind.

Childbirth is one of the most natural most natural events in the world, yet at the time it felt totally unnatural and just plain painful. To say the least. Honestly it hurt so much so that I actually forgot there was even a baby involved. Many, many colourful words were sprayed around the birthing room that night during my completely drug free labour, true grit, determination and focus was pulled from the very depths of my body that even I didn’t know I had. It’s hard, long painful work, but you will be more than rewarded at the end.

I thought I would be able to handle it. After meeting with girlfriends to discuss their thoughts on the whole process, I was sure I would have a higher pain threshold then them and thought to myself  ‘it cant be that bad can it?’


Mother Nature had different plans for me. It was like nothing I have ever experienced or can even begin to describe, but now it all makes sense although it wasn’t until I had my second child that I discovered my first born was a compound birth.


Compound presentation means prolapse of fetal extremity alongside the presenting part it is three types: 1.prolapse of the hand in cephalic presentation. (most common) 2.prolapse of the lower extremity in breech presentation. 3.prolapse of lower extremity in cephalic presentation. (relatively rare) compound presentations uncommon occur only 1 in 1000 pregnancies.

means prolapse of fetal extremity alongside the presenting part it is three types: 1.prolapse of the hand In layman’s terms, he was born with his arm up along side his head. Just to make it that bit more epic, and to teach me that I shouldn’t have thought I had a stronger pain threshold than my friends I’m sure. And being nearly 9 pounds didn’t help much either. Ouch.

The midwife exclaimed “Oh your the lady that had the compound birth!” “Sorry, what do you mean?” was my reply when I was about to give birth three years and two weeks later to the day, for the second time, with just as much anxious fear as the first. But there it was written in my notes, and that explains a LOT of things now.

Why I couldn’t sit down for a week after. Why the thought of sex made me run for the hills. Why I thought I would have an only child.

The following is an extract from a note I wrote shortly after birth, in those magical whimsical early motherhood days.

Image 6-05-2016 at 2.22 PM

So the birth went like this:- 7:00pm, Gentle contractions, similar to period pain begins so I ran myself a spa bath, shaved my legs, (and other regions) put on a face mask and relaxed in the candle lit bubble bath thinking of the beautiful and amazing changes my body was about to go through. I pondered the gender, and meeting the baby for the first time.

At 1:00am I ring the local hospital who calmly reassure me with “stay home if your comfortable”

Well it turns out you can stay home comfortably for too bloody long because next minute my pain level absolutely shoots through the fucking roof and I begin climbing the walls like a crazy woman trying to escape the zombie apocalypse, within 45 minutes my waters break everywhere!

Cascading over the bedroom carpet like the Niagara bloody falls, shit hits the fan and leaves a  very freaked out husband and equally panicked soon to be new mother. Wearing the most amazing outfit (husbands boxer shorts and tent like t-shirt) we race to hospital and so begins the prudish nightmare. “Legs up, let’s have a look” 8cm on arrival…! 

“I need an fucking epidural NOW!!!”

My doctor laughs this creepy little laugh with the midwife which tells me it’s way too late and I’m on my own. “Start pushing honey, this baby is nearly out” Argh, mortal dread realisation sets in, and as much as the doctor and nurse are here to help – I know this is something I have to do by myself.

I am crippled in pain, fear and the unknown. But mostly pain. 

Somewhere in the background I can hear the CD I chose gently playing calming songs and all around it’s dark, quiet and dim. Thank you baby for deciding to come so early in the morning so nobody has to see me like this.

Hearing that music helps me to gain my laser like focus and really concentrate on the effort I am going to have to pull out of my ass. Almost literally.

Meanwhile Mr Diamonds is looking very pale and understandably nervous, anxious and down right out of his comfort zone. I think I’m breaking his hand and there’s no way I want him down at the business end.

Frankly I’d rather have no bloody one (ever!) gawking down at my business end.  Pfttt. No modesty allowed in this entire damn hospital wing. As a last resort I am offered gas in the old school way by means of the claustrophobia causing face mask “YUK it tastes like fly spray get it AWAYYYY!” 

My son is Chava Jimi Krsto is born at 3:28am.



Nothing can describe holding that baby for the first time.  Marred by legs up and getting stitches, but still holding the baby for the first time none the less. I have a adrenalin rush for the rest of the day, how can I possibly sleep now? Wanting to show this gorgeous little fella that I made off to the whole world is a very overwhelming feeling, but so is feeling like a mother lioness raging with protection for this delicate little darling. You would do anything for them.

(And I’ve nearly forgotten the pain!)


This beautiful baby is mine for keeps and today he is five years old.

So Happy Birthday my handsome son, but really it’s the day you broke my vagina.



March 11, 2016
interior decor

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Keeping up in the blogging world means constantly networking and trying new social media mediums to try and get your website seen in all the right places.

This is a new goal of mine, to network like crazy and see how far I can get my blog.

The latest one I have found is Bloglovin and provided I have done all this correctly I will now be seen in their feed. You can click the pink link above to take you there to see what all the fuss is about.

Basically it’s a place for bloggers and their blogs to hang out and discover each other, or if you are a reader looking for some great blogs to follow it will be the most perfect place for you to browse through all the categories and see what you like.

Spoilt for choice.

Fingers crossed because I am definitely out of my comfort zone with this one!

It is new, complicated and requires a lot of brain power…Something not usually attempted late on a Friday afternoon that’s for damn sure!


Liebster Award Nomination

March 10, 2016

Life in the Diamonds and Dudas HQ is always bustling; papers everywhere, a gazillion projects on the go and always something new to learn…and that’s just how I like it!

Something pretty darn exciting happened recently and I’d love to share it with you all.

Sound the trumpets because… I have been nominated for a blogging award! Many, many thanks to the lovely Mel from Love Always, Mel for nominating me for the award. I truly appreciate it!

It’s safe to say I am pretty happy about it, (ok I’m extremely freaking pumped!) and there may even be some fist pumping action happening around here and random crump-style dancing going on in spontaneous bursts. Blogging can be a hard game, even just to get noticed in the vast sea of blogs and websites is a major achievement in it’s self so to think someone actually likes my blog enough to nominate it for an award is hugely encouraging and gives me the warm fuzzies. Shucks.


The award I’ve been nominated for is a ‘Liebster Award’, which is an award created by bloggers for bloggers in our community. The goal of the award is to introduce our followers to newer blogs on the internet. It’s a great way to work together and make the blogosphere a more fun and exciting place! Yay for bloggers!

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Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 24, 2015

Twas the night before Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve and I have reached the end of my Christmas Lust List.

Debuting in first place is my biggest Lust have item, something I have always wanted for most of my adult life.

I’m talking about the sexiest damn car on the road…a shiny black custom built black Range Rover.

This is the pinnacle of cars for me. What’s not to like about it! Turns out I am a bit of a car head because I find my self obsessing over them and have pictures of them in my garage. (Should I even say that out loud?) I stalk them on the road, on the web and in the car yard. The local dealership know me very well. Here she comes again…

So in case you were wondering I would be happy with any model but being a mother with children in tow the Sport would be the best pick for our family because it now comes with an optional 3rd row of seats like the Discovery.

Paired with a white leather interior, full moon roof, digital tv, heated leather steering wheel, 4 zone climate control and chilled fridge compartment; how much more do you want me to go on?

Sex on wheels is another way to describe it.

Yep. That would be the most ridiculously amazing present anyone could surprise me with. Ever.

Of course being able to pay for it myself would be so much more rewarding, but if someone really wanted to buy me one I probably definitely wouldn’t say no.

Just give me the damn keys. I know exactly what to do with it.

If it’s good enough for the Queen it’s good enough for me!

Merry Christmas to you all

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 23, 2015

Big Kid Cravings

The next item on my Lust List has been on my list even before I could even write a damn list. I’m talking about the grandest playhouse you ever did see.

“It’s for the children” they say…My ass! This is all about reliving our own lost childhood dreams in gigantic proportions! Parents everywhere – you know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait till we hit the remote control vehicle stage. That shit is mine!

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Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 21, 2015

If there’s one thing I probably need more than anything else right now it would have to be an Apple Macbook Pro, in glorious gold of course.

Being a blogger it is pretty vital to have all the tools of the trade, and this is probably one of the most important.

We currently have the 27 inch Desktop which is amazing…Its huge and makes for a great visual display. Unfortunately for me it is located in Mr Diamonds masculine man cave office far far away from the creative sanctuary that is the luscious Diamonds and Dudas headquarters and is being used all the time for his business, which leaves a very small window of opportunity to access it.

So that means late night blogging for me when i’d really rather be lounging around on the couch zoning out with a packet of salt and vinegar chips, a custard tart and an icy cold strawberry milk while watching my taped trashy reality tv shows and doing not much else at all after slumping in a heap from the exhaustion of dealing with the Fournado and Co during the day.

6:30pm is a magical time in our home.

So next on my Lust List is this little beauty. I was undecided for quite some time as to what Mac to pick. I had narrowed it down to the 15 inch Macbook Pro and the 21.5 inch Desktop but the thought of laying in bed, taking it on holidays, surfing on the couch, and sun baking by the pool while ‘working’ seems too good of an opportunity to pass up. Life is tough.

Gold gets me every time and this was no exception.

Laptops have really come a long way and the Pro is super advanced. It has a 2.5GHz quad-core intel processor which basically means it thinks really fast. I like fast.

It has a stunning retina display with over 5 million pixels which makes for really impressive viewing and has 512GB of storage which is ample for most. Weighing in at 2kg, it features a back lit keyboard and has up to 9 hours of wireless web usage making this laptop pack a serious punch.

Christmas fairies listen up and take note, there is still time left to grant me this golden wish!

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 18, 2015

Timeless and Elegant

Next on my Lust List is something a little more practical but by no means any less luscious. In fact for a usually boring plain old ‘tap’ this mixer is the most amazing piece of tap ware I have ever seen. I’d pull out my own teeth for this!

We started our home renovation earlier this year with the children’s bathroom, laundry and children’s bedrooms, leaving the big bad kitchen for last. Initially I wanted to do the kitchen straight away, but I am so glad we held off and lived in the space first for a while to get a good feel for exactly what we needed to change and add in to the new kitchen design.

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and smart ways to organise our new kitchen because let’s face it – the kitchen is the heart of the home and the most used room in our entire house; and probably yours too.

For our kitchen I have visions of white french provincial, Calcutta marble, delicate crystal knobs, feature lit glass cupboards and of course, gold accessories. Gold Gold GOLD!

Literally I have to have this!

Turns out I also have really expensive taste as this baby from Phoenix Tapware retails for nearly $910.00 but I would happily give up dinner for the next month year to cover it in a heartbeat!

To counter the price it comes with a fantastic 15 year warranty for the cartridge inside the mixer and also 7 years for parts and labour.

I can just imagine how it would look, oh so stylish, and I can also imagine how much of a pain in the ass I would be to my family while fussing over it – “Don’t touch MY gold tap!”

Im sold on the gold!

Jolie x