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Product Review

TIGI Haircare

July 4, 2017
tiki bedhead shampoo conditioner hairspray

TIGI product review

I have been a TIGI serial hair abuser for a while now, so naturally I was estatic and felt very honoured to collaborate with the haircare brand giants! And because I love my readers TIGI has very kindly sent me some extra sets that you can win! Keep an eye out on the Instagram & Facebook page for the giveaway coming soon!

The perks of an unpaid blogger…Receiving fabulous products from fabulous brands to try, test and review. I’ll take it!

Over the last 10 weeks I have been using the brand new violet shampoo range from Tigi cheekily called ‘Dumb Blonde’ along with the super conditioning reconstructor and a super hold hairspray that has only just been released!

I bet your imagining something really wonderful, like the shampoo adverts showing peaceful, time rich ladies lathering up in a full face of make up; perhaps some candles, champagne, relaxing soaks in the bath while the conditioner sets…

Enter reality. No, it certainly wasn’t like that. It’s much more like the express version where I can’t see because I have purple soap suds running down my face trying to wash my long hair as fast as possible while also holding the shower door shut with one cold wet leg in some kind of super freak yoga position held up against the glass door to prevent the fully clothed and fully vocal 2 year old from entering.

Yes that’s my version, and I guarantee you will all be there at some point if you haven’t already… Continue Reading…

Product Review

My Family Photo

September 15, 2016

My Family Photo

I remember it well. A beautiful crisp sunny autumn day with clear blue skies late in the sun drenched afternoon…and my two little darlings were in fine fierce form.

The then Fournado was particularly revved up, super excited to be in the big city with energy bursting from the depths of his boyish soul. Even after my verbal prepping for weeks, days and then again minutes beforehand, it went totally out the window. Nothing was going to stop him and his cheeky little cheerleading sister from running amok, yet again.

“Please look at the camera” I begged,  “and smile!”  I did not like my chances.

I remember leaving feeling so very frustrated and cross because the children had not listened at all – they just wanted to run around exploring the park and not sit still for the photoshoot. I was so sure there would be no decent photos. I was feeling like a failure of a parent because my kids were dressed as angels yet running around like little devils, totally ignoring all direction from me. Magnified, of course, because I hung around just long enough to see the next family arrive for their photo shoot – they were calm, quiet and picture bloody perfect.

Pffftttt, robot children.

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Product Review


June 1, 2016


I just love getting sent fun things to test and this time I am featuring this very clever little gadget called a ‘Lookielookies’ which was invented by a fellow mama and total #mumpreneur called Janice, while she was on maternity leave with her first child. No excuses for baby brain any more ladies!

Janice was struggling to get her daughter to look directly at the camera and with nothing like it on the market an idea was born. She came up with the fabulous idea of attracting babies (and older children’s!) eyes to focus on the camera. Hard work and determination made that very idea a reality and now her business is growing across the world.

The concept is simple, press a button and the Lookielookies character flashes lights to attract the attention of your child to look directly at the camera lens. Genius.

IMG_9488  IMG_9487

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Product Review


April 1, 2016

Looking for some beautifully made and superb quality baby clothes or a special gift?

Organic cotton you say, super soft and stylish? Here’s my perfect match!

For the last few weeks while the weather has been somewhat cooler we have been lucky enough to be testing out the deliciously darling hoodie and leggings set, complete with the matching headband from the organic cotton loving company L’ovedbaby.

I first discovered them on Instagram when I was searching for some earth friendly choices that didn’t sacrifice on comfort or fashion.

They have gorgeous outfits and designs to pick from including some great basics and blankets as well as some fantastic gift baskets filled with all sorts of different items so the hard work of deciding on a baby present is already done for you; just pick a gender, a size and you are done!

Coming beautifully packaged, we received this 3 piece lavender set and there are many other colour combinations also available. Little Miss 1 loves it!

L'oved Baby 3 piece organic cotton lavender set

L’ovedbaby 3 piece organic cotton lavender set


So comfy for lounging around!

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Mama Must Haves, Product Review

Moo Goo

February 8, 2016
moo goo skin care products

For the last two months I have been testing out a few great products from the Australian family owned and operated company ‘Moo Goo’.

These guys have a huge collection of products ranging from hair care, aluminium-free deodorant, (my first introduction to the Moo Goo brand and now a bathroom staple) sunscreen, (my friends swear by this one) a complete baby range and of course creams for all sorts of skin conditions. Click here, to have a look at the extensive range for yourself.

As I get older and wiser I have realised that all skin care products are not made equal, and some have some pretty nasty shit hiding in them…particularly every day items I was using on my little darlings skin. Since having children I have been madly been researching and reading labels in a bid to decipher the gigantic chemical code names and have discovered the packaging and wording does not always reflect the actual ingredients.
I have made a big shift away from products using SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) ever since and am always on the hunt for gentle skin care products with as many effective natural ingredients as possible. And one that’s not going to break the bank.

Enter the Moo Goo herd!

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