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Christmas Lust List

December 24, 2015

Twas the night before Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve and I have reached the end of my Christmas Lust List.

Debuting in first place is my biggest Lust have item, something I have always wanted for most of my adult life.

I’m talking about the sexiest damn car on the road…a shiny black custom built black Range Rover.

This is the pinnacle of cars for me. What’s not to like about it! Turns out I am a bit of a car head because I find my self obsessing over them and have pictures of them in my garage. (Should I even say that out loud?) I stalk them on the road, on the web and in the car yard. The local dealership know me very well. Here she comes again…

So in case you were wondering I would be happy with any model but being a mother with children in tow the Sport would be the best pick for our family because it now comes with an optional 3rd row of seats like the Discovery.

Paired with a white leather interior, full moon roof, digital tv, heated leather steering wheel, 4 zone climate control and chilled fridge compartment; how much more do you want me to go on?

Sex on wheels is another way to describe it.

Yep. That would be the most ridiculously amazing present anyone could surprise me with. Ever.

Of course being able to pay for it myself would be so much more rewarding, but if someone really wanted to buy me one I probably definitely wouldn’t say no.

Just give me the damn keys. I know exactly what to do with it.

If it’s good enough for the Queen it’s good enough for me!

Merry Christmas to you all

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 23, 2015

Big Kid Cravings

The next item on my Lust List has been on my list even before I could even write a damn list. I’m talking about the grandest playhouse you ever did see.

“It’s for the children” they say…My ass! This is all about reliving our own lost childhood dreams in gigantic proportions! Parents everywhere – you know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait till we hit the remote control vehicle stage. That shit is mine!

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Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 21, 2015

If there’s one thing I probably need more than anything else right now it would have to be an Apple Macbook Pro, in glorious gold of course.

Being a blogger it is pretty vital to have all the tools of the trade, and this is probably one of the most important.

We currently have the 27 inch Desktop which is amazing…Its huge and makes for a great visual display. Unfortunately for me it is located in Mr Diamonds masculine man cave office far far away from the creative sanctuary that is the luscious Diamonds and Dudas headquarters and is being used all the time for his business, which leaves a very small window of opportunity to access it.

So that means late night blogging for me when i’d really rather be lounging around on the couch zoning out with a packet of salt and vinegar chips, a custard tart and an icy cold strawberry milk while watching my taped trashy reality tv shows and doing not much else at all after slumping in a heap from the exhaustion of dealing with the Fournado and Co during the day.

6:30pm is a magical time in our home.

So next on my Lust List is this little beauty. I was undecided for quite some time as to what Mac to pick. I had narrowed it down to the 15 inch Macbook Pro and the 21.5 inch Desktop but the thought of laying in bed, taking it on holidays, surfing on the couch, and sun baking by the pool while ‘working’ seems too good of an opportunity to pass up. Life is tough.

Gold gets me every time and this was no exception.

Laptops have really come a long way and the Pro is super advanced. It has a 2.5GHz quad-core intel processor which basically means it thinks really fast. I like fast.

It has a stunning retina display with over 5 million pixels which makes for really impressive viewing and has 512GB of storage which is ample for most. Weighing in at 2kg, it features a back lit keyboard and has up to 9 hours of wireless web usage making this laptop pack a serious punch.

Christmas fairies listen up and take note, there is still time left to grant me this golden wish!

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 18, 2015

Timeless and Elegant

Next on my Lust List is something a little more practical but by no means any less luscious. In fact for a usually boring plain old ‘tap’ this mixer is the most amazing piece of tap ware I have ever seen. I’d pull out my own teeth for this!

We started our home renovation earlier this year with the children’s bathroom, laundry and children’s bedrooms, leaving the big bad kitchen for last. Initially I wanted to do the kitchen straight away, but I am so glad we held off and lived in the space first for a while to get a good feel for exactly what we needed to change and add in to the new kitchen design.

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and smart ways to organise our new kitchen because let’s face it – the kitchen is the heart of the home and the most used room in our entire house; and probably yours too.

For our kitchen I have visions of white french provincial, Calcutta marble, delicate crystal knobs, feature lit glass cupboards and of course, gold accessories. Gold Gold GOLD!

Literally I have to have this!

Turns out I also have really expensive taste as this baby from Phoenix Tapware retails for nearly $910.00 but I would happily give up dinner for the next month year to cover it in a heartbeat!

To counter the price it comes with a fantastic 15 year warranty for the cartridge inside the mixer and also 7 years for parts and labour.

I can just imagine how it would look, oh so stylish, and I can also imagine how much of a pain in the ass I would be to my family while fussing over it – “Don’t touch MY gold tap!”

Im sold on the gold!

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 16, 2015

How about some bling with that?

Third on my Luscious Lust List is a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of glam!

When I saw this Swarovski cluster of breathtaking jewellery from the lovely Leading Edge Jewellers at the Christmas Wish List Event I immediately fell in love with them and had to share them with you.

After trying these on, I didn’t want to give them back. So gorgeously glamorous they are absolutely perfect for Christmas Day, and every damn diamond day in between.

The shimmering gold double bracelet is part of the ‘Stardust’ collection and when you see them in person you will instantly understand the meaning behind the name; it looks like thousands of shimmering stars and it definitely catches your (my!) eye. It has a snakeskin like look and texture, and it is absolutely stunning and quite light.

The second leather bracelet is the ‘Slake Deluxe Beige Bracelet’ featuring tiny sweet studs. I love that it wraps around quite a few times to give a great layering effect.

Teamed with the most stunning ‘Crystalline Black Rose Gold Tone Watch’ this is a timeless look that can be worn anywhere and be handed down through the generations. If you ever wanted to give it up, that is.

Do yourself a favour and head in to the store to be inspired by more of the beautiful collection and start dropping your Dear Hubby some suggestive hints now!

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 15, 2015


For those of you who missed the last blog I am making my very own Christmas Lust List so Santa (ok and Mr Diamonds) have no trouble deciding on what to get me this year!

Second on my Lust List is the most luscious wine glasses I ever did see. These are truly smoking hot!

If you need new glassware then look no further. Sleek, sexy and a swanky statement piece for your home, these glasses are newly released and made by Neue Blvd.

They look metallic but are actually made of glass and are available with or without stems. They are available in a great range of colours to choose from including black, white, gold and rose gold. They look very stylish, feel lovely to hold and would certainly make an impact on your Christmas table setting for your family and guests.

The only problem I have now is deciding which colour to go with, gold or rose gold?

What would you pick?

Jolie x

Diamonds, The Lust List

Christmas Lust List

December 14, 2015

Merry Christmas!

So that Santa knows exactly what I am crushing on I have put together a list of my top lush gift items that I would love to find under my Christmas tree, and I’m not fussed on who delivers them!

Being half way through a home renovation there are a lot of things that we really need, and then of course there are a few things that I just really want.

Last week I was invited to attend a beautiful summer soiree of ladies, luxury and luscious Christmas shopping ideas and it did not disappoint. I found so many lusty things it was really hard for me to narrow it down so a few have made my list this year.

How about you? What lush items are you lusting after?

Heres ‘s the first one on my Lust List, something for the ladies…

Feminine, sexy and stunning is how I would describe this delicate little lingerie set available from Coco California by For Love and Lemons.

I love For Love and Lemons dresses, and now I have discovered the lingerie range. Wow, so amazing! This lingerie is perfect-the lace, the style, the cut and the flowers; so sweet and very darling! I would especially love to spend the day wearing it casually draped over the lounge whilst sipping cocktails and being hand fed peeled grapes, (in an ideal world of course!) and just general parading around in the house attire. If you’re planning to get married i’d say it’s definitely something you would want to wear on your wedding night. Showcase those lady goods!

If I received this as a gift I would be very happy.

And I am pretty sure Mr Diamonds would love this one too.

Jolie x