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Christmas Lust List

December 18, 2015

Timeless and Elegant

Next on my Lust List is something a little more practical but by no means any less luscious. In fact for a usually boring plain old ‘tap’ this mixer is the most amazing piece of tap ware I have ever seen. I’d pull out my own teeth for this!

We started our home renovation earlier this year with the children’s bathroom, laundry and children’s bedrooms, leaving the big bad kitchen for last. Initially I wanted to do the kitchen straight away, but I am so glad we held off and lived in the space first for a while to get a good feel for exactly what we needed to change and add in to the new kitchen design.

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and smart ways to organise our new kitchen because let’s face it – the kitchen is the heart of the home and the most used room in our entire house; and probably yours too.

For our kitchen I have visions of white french provincial, Calcutta marble, delicate crystal knobs, feature lit glass cupboards and of course, gold accessories. Gold Gold GOLD!

Literally I have to have this!

Turns out I also have really expensive taste as this baby from Phoenix Tapware retails for nearly $910.00 but I would happily give up dinner for the next month year to cover it in a heartbeat!

To counter the price it comes with a fantastic 15 year warranty for the cartridge inside the mixer and also 7 years for parts and labour.

I can just imagine how it would look, oh so stylish, and I can also imagine how much of a pain in the ass I would be to my family while fussing over it – “Don’t touch MY gold tap!”

Im sold on the gold!

Jolie x

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