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Christmas Lust List

December 23, 2015

Big Kid Cravings

The next item on my Lust List has been on my list even before I could even write a damn list. I’m talking about the grandest playhouse you ever did see.

“It’s for the children” they say…My ass! This is all about reliving our own lost childhood dreams in gigantic proportions! Parents everywhere – you know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait till we hit the remote control vehicle stage. That shit is mine!

It’s pretty hard not to want to spoil your kids rotten, and in this day and age toys seem to be getting cheaper and more accessible to everyone. That makes me very happy. When I was growing up things were different, and we didn’t have the money to spend on jaw dropping christmas presents so it’s only natural now that we can afford it to splash out occasionally on certain quality and timeless special gifts. Besides, I plan on this one buying me a lot of free time.

I give you the cubby house of my dreams my children’s dreams!

Before we moved to our beautiful new home we had a lovely waterfront property…with a 3 metre strip of paved side yard. We could barely fit a barbecue and deck chair out there. It was definitely one of the deciding factors on buying a new home. Goodbye ocean, hello space.

So now that we have a real back yard I have been thoroughly researching every cubby house on the market and carefully scrutinising and comparing each one.

Having children 3 years apart it needed to cater for both ages, as well as grow with them to last a very long time because it’s going to be bloody hard to move it later!

Spoiler alert: we got the cubby!

Talk about epic DIY! This is not for the feint hearted; it will test your marriage, communication skills, patience and everything in between. And it does not help that it has been 33 degrees or more every freaking day.

We found this at Costco for $1599 which is amazing value for the price compared to others I looked at. It has a full swing set, enclosed slide (just watch me with the hose in summer!) and even the sweetest little flower boxes hanging from the windows. It has a fully enclosed downstairs complete with a door for Juju and then a rock climbing wall access for the Fournado to escape upstairs into the big boys hide out up top that just happens to come with the most spectacular view over our city ever. Kids these days.

Mr Diamonds and myself have been secretly working on this for the last 10 days and as you can imagine it is pretty hard to hide a kick ass kids castle in the back yard.

“It’s a new chook house for the girls” I said when curiosity could take it no longer. Let’s see how long I can ride that one for.

And before you ask, of course it’s from us. There’s no way the fat man dressed in red who’s too lazy to shave is getting the credit for this one; get your own damn present Santa.

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