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June 1, 2016


I just love getting sent fun things to test and this time I am featuring this very clever little gadget called a ‘Lookielookies’ which was invented by a fellow mama and total #mumpreneur called Janice, while she was on maternity leave with her first child. No excuses for baby brain any more ladies!

Janice was struggling to get her daughter to look directly at the camera and with nothing like it on the market an idea was born. She came up with the fabulous idea of attracting babies (and older children’s!) eyes to focus on the camera. Hard work and determination made that very idea a reality and now her business is growing across the world.

The concept is simple, press a button and the Lookielookies character flashes lights to attract the attention of your child to look directly at the camera lens. Genius.

IMG_9488  IMG_9487

I’m sure you have all been there, trying to get a nice photo of your child and they just won’t look at the damn camera...I know I have! No more flapping arms or bribery & threats gentle persuasion, all the hard work has been done and my life has been made that much easier in achieving perfect photo memories of my children.

Lookielookies is a cute device that mounts onto your phone, camera or even iPad to help you take better photos of your little ones. What mum would say no to that!

I have been using it on my iPhone 6 + with great results, particularly with my selective listener; my darling older child. I love it because it bloody works. “Lookielookies!” Haha got you kids.


Lookielookies promo bundle


Included in the promotional pack I received was the matching plush toy. My children have enjoyed snuggling and playing with it and that has made the visual connection of the parents unit even stronger because we can play “find the Lookielookies” although my sweet Juju has renamed it Bunbuns because basically anything with big ears is bunny branded forever.

It’s really easy to attach it to your phone or camera, simply place the character so it sits on the top edge near the lens and press the little suction cup onto your screen then move the height adjustable arm to help it fit on snug. The extendable arm can also move sideways to provide flexibility in where you would like it to sit. Then press the button and the lights being to flash and change colours. Easy!


Extendable arm with rotation, orange button for action!


The price for these is really affordable I thought, around $40 for the bundle or $35 for just the parents unit, which makes it a great gift idea and a unique baby shower present!


Securely packaged


They are available in a choice of blue ‘Zookie’, orange ‘Jookie’ or pink ‘Yookie’, and come beautifully presented in a securely packaged box.

Head to to choose your own cute little photo helper.


This is not a sponsored post however I was gifted the items in return for my honest opinion and review.

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