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TIGI Haircare

July 4, 2017
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TIGI product review

I have been a TIGI serial hair abuser for a while now, so naturally I was estatic and felt very honoured to collaborate with the haircare brand giants! And because I love my readers TIGI has very kindly sent me some extra sets that you can win! Keep an eye out on the Instagram & Facebook page for the giveaway coming soon!

The perks of an unpaid blogger…Receiving fabulous products from fabulous brands to try, test and review. I’ll take it!

Over the last 10 weeks I have been using the brand new violet shampoo range from Tigi cheekily called ‘Dumb Blonde’ along with the super conditioning reconstructor and a super hold hairspray that has only just been released!

I bet your imagining something really wonderful, like the shampoo adverts showing peaceful, time rich ladies lathering up in a full face of make up; perhaps some candles, champagne, relaxing soaks in the bath while the conditioner sets…

Enter reality. No, it certainly wasn’t like that. It’s much more like the express version where I can’t see because I have purple soap suds running down my face trying to wash my long hair as fast as possible while also holding the shower door shut with one cold wet leg in some kind of super freak yoga position held up against the glass door to prevent the fully clothed and fully vocal 2 year old from entering.

Yes that’s my version, and I guarantee you will all be there at some point if you haven’t already…

Dumb Blonde Shampoo:

First of all, that name! So tongue-in-cheek, of course I love it. Not so dumb though because it works brilliantly. It truly is a purple shampoo with a very vivid shade of violet. I was super excited to get my hands on this one and it certainly lived up to my expectations. After the first wash I felt the fresh-out-the-salon sensation creeping on in.

Bye bye brassy bush.

The shampoo itself has varying levels of toning all dependant on how long you leave it on for. Initially I opted to go the full 10 minutes, which meant the house was collapsing down around me but I finally got my yearly allocation of a long hot shower in. (Pffttt, can’t you see I’m working here Mr. Diamonds, control your children!)

Generally speaking I leave it on for 2-3 minutes and still manage to achieve a fresh clean blonde colour that always gets people asking if I have just been to the salon. Huge tick!

It feels good, its smells good and for $36.95rrp for a 400ml bottle I think it’s competitively priced for a salon grade shampoo.

One point worth noting is I feel like I had to use more shampoo than the previous ‘Catwalk’  TIGI violet shampoo I had been using prior to this. At first I thought it must be sulphate free (which would be my preferred choice) as that is the lathering agent but after checking the ingredients I found that it is part of the formula.

After using it now for 2 months I have worked out my hair needs to be really thoroughly soaked for the shampoo to lather up well. I’m using 2-3 pumps each time but I do have quite long hair and you can probably see the line on the bottles to give you a better indication of how much I have used over the trial period, which I think is quite good.

Dumb Blonde Reconstructor:

The first thing that struck me was the size. Its freakin huge! 750ml for only $45.00! The second thing I noticed was the smell. Oh my gosh the smell! It is like honey blossoms mixed with ripe mangoes and sticky sweet lollies, literally I want to eat it!

This is by far the BEST conditioner I have ever used. It is sooo nourishing, hence the name reconstructor. My hair feels so silky smooth after a session with this. Again, I don’t always have the time to let it sit on for too long but the result are same regardless.  Every blonde knows just how drying and damaging the upkeep of having blonde hair can be so this is going to counterbalance that very nicely for you. Promise, you’re going to fucking love it.

With previous purple sets I have used before like the TIGI ‘Catwalk’ I mentioned above, the shampoo and conditioner have both been purple, so keep in mind that this set with the reconstructor is not. Instead it is a lovely soft peachy colour that seems to match the heavenly smell.

S-Factor Hold Hairspray:

I’m new to hair spray.  (yes I admit it)  Apart from the quick gassing I get in the salon after a very rare styled ‘do’, truthfully I’ve never really used it.

Perhaps that’s because I’m a lazy long-haired loving lady who never styles her hair.

Until recently… Enter the S-factor hairspray that I was super lucky enough to get my hands on… pre launch!

This is a medium hold spray that has a really pleasant and more importantly not an overpowering smell.

I have used this hairspray quite a lot and have even become a little more adventurous in styling my hair because of it. I think the best part is that it does not leave my hair feeling ‘crunchy’ or snap frozen!

Freshly curled at 10am and sprayed with S-factor hairspray…

Luscious curls still at 8pm later that evening after a full on day with the children and windy wintery conditions…TIGI hairspray for the mummy win!

I have also been using this product on my sons hair to hold the front up for some serious styling. In his words “It dosen’t stink” and he prefers this hairspray over the barber style matt product we were using and frankly so do I because I don’t have to get my fingers all sticky and then fight him to get it in his hair!

Verdict: Definitely Diamonds! I really love all of these products and how well they work to care for my hair. I look forward to washing my hair and achieving the fresh out of the salon feel, look and smell, every time. I would certainly recommend these to anyone with blonde hair or highlights and the hairspray suits everyone including men and children.

I think I need to wash my hair more often just to try and get some quality alone time.

EDIT: I initially wrote this blog back in October 2106, the same month I became pregnant and horrendously sick for months. Not long after that we began house renovations and I could not access my computer in that time. Because of that I was not able to post the review until now, (sorry TIGI!) and I’m very pleased to say I still have a small amount of shampoo left and almost half a bottle of the reconstructor! It definitely is value for money considering it has lasted so long even with my long hair and liberal use!


This is not a sponsored post however I was gifted the service in return for my honest opinion and review.

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